Raccoon Removal in Salt Lake City UT

As one of the most adaptive creatures native to our area, raccoons are constantly moving farther and farther from wild areas and relocating to more populated communities. With this in mind, it's very likely that your backyard or property has seen its fair share of raccoons.

However, when these creatures become bolder, it can be costly and sometimes even dangerous. This is why Wildlife Removal Utah offers safe and efficient raccoon removal in Salt Lake City, UT. Our raccoon removal is 100% humane. We use the safest equipment and techniques to trap raccoons and relocate them to a more natural environment within the area.

To learn more about this humane raccoon removal for Salt Lake City, UT and the nearby communities, contact us today! We would be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have.

Raccoon - Raccoon Removal in Salt Lake City UT

Signs You Have a Raccoon Problem

Are you unsure if you raccoons are the creatures causing problems on your property? Over our years in business, Wildlife Removal Utah has become experts on identifying different types of wildlife based on the traces they leave behind.

We've compiled a short list of signs you have a raccoon problem, so you can get the help you need faster:

 Digging Holes in Lawn or Mulch Piles
 Repetitively Knocked Over Trash Cans 
 3-4 Inch Footprint Tracks Left in Soft Soil
 Low Growls Outside, or Shuffling Sounds Inside
 Scratches on the Base of Trees Throughout the Lawn
 Droppings Left at the Base of Trees, Log or Woodpiles

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How to Trap a Raccoon: Raccoon Trapping from the Professionals

Many Salt Lake property owners find themselves wondering how to trap a raccoon, and the answer is simple: leave it up to the professionals. While raccoons in the Salt Lake City area typically aren't aggressive they can become well-adjusted to human activity, making their actions bolder and sometimes even violent.

Wildlife Removal Utah is more than qualified to perform safe and humane raccoon trapping throughout Salt Lake City, UT. Our raccoon trapping is available 24/7 in case of emergency situations eliciting an immediate response.

25 Years of Raccoon Control—Salt Lake City UT - Park City UT - Murray UT

For the last 25 years, Wildlife Removal Utah has been providing raccoon control that you can count on. This kind of hands-on experience means that we have perfected the safest and most effective methods of raccoon control in Salt Lake City, UT. If your home or commercial property is located in Salt Lake City or the following nearby areas and you need fast and affordable raccoon control, call on the professionals from our wildlife removal company:

 Park City  Murray  West Jordan  Heber City  American Fork  Provo


Wildlife Removal Utah provides raccoon removal in Salt Lake City, Park City, Murray, West Jordan, Heber City, American Fork, Provo and Orem, Utah.
If you reside in any of the areas and need professional raccoon control, contact us today and we'll answer any questions you have.